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Homeowners who are interested in having a swimming pool constructed in the backyard may wonder how to keep it totally clean. They probably have seen swimming pools in different states of tidiness, some sparkling in the sunshine and others with noticeable debris floating on the surface. Some have a dingy appearance and others always look like new. The best-looking pools in the area might be attended to regularly by a professional Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service.

Checking and Balancing Chemicals and Minerals

Technicians from a company like BENchmark Pool Services check the levels of various chemicals and minerals in the water, and add substances to balance those levels. They check and adjust the balance of acidity to alkalinity, which is the pH level. Chlorine should be maintained at an optimum level for sanitization. Shock treatments might be performed weekly to kill any bacteria or plant growth that the chlorine has not eliminated.

Calcium is checked too, as this mineral is commonly present in municipal water supplies. If the water is too rich in mineral content, scale develops inside the pool and inside the equipment, just as it does on plumbing fixtures inside the house. The technician can add softener to the water during the pool cleaning service.

Eliminating Algae

With these regular treatments, algae growth should not be a problem. If the pool is neglected for any length of time, signs of algae may become apparent on the walls. An algaecide added to the water will eradicate this problem.

Removing Debris

Removing debris is part of the regular list of tasks. Raking with a telescopic pole and vacuuming is completed each time. The filters are cleared of debris through backwashing, as otherwise the water can start becoming cloudy. The pool owners may want to do some skimming between appointments too. Leaves, seeds, nuts, twigs, pine cones and dead bugs all can wind up in the water whenever it's not covered. Raking the debris out once a day stops it from breaking down and reducing the water's clarity.

Yearly Tasks

These technicians also winterize the pool at some point during fall. They get it ready in spring so the family can use the pool as soon as the weather is warm enough.

By contracting for regular appointments with a pool cleaner service, caring for this home improvement feature isn't a burden on the family. So many people decide not to have a swimming pool because of the work involved, when they could easily hire someone to take over the bulk of that work.

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